Tonsilloliths - What Are the Symptoms of Tonsilloliths?

It is possible to have tonsilloliths for an extended period of time, simply because the condition may be present without exhibiting much in the way of outward symptoms. However, if not addressed, they eventually will begin to make their presence known, and not in a manner that is pleasant. Here are a few examples of the more common symptoms of tonsilloliths that may be present.

Bad breath is one of the indicators that tonsilloliths may be present. This is usually identified as a symptom when the individual does brush after meals, and even uses mouthwash to freshen the breath. Yet, an hour or so later, the foul smell is back and the mouth has a taste as if brushing and using mouthwash never took place. Since this tends to start out as a minor inconvenience, most of us tend to pop a breath mint and get on with life. But as the tonsilloliths continue to develop, the foul odor continues to strengthen and eventually we realize that something is going on outside the norm.

The development of a cough for no apparent reason may also be a sign that tonsilloliths are either on the way or are already present. Just like bad breath, most of us shrug off a cough as being something incidental. After all, a cough can be the result of getting a little dust into the back of the throat or some other minor irritation. However, as the tonsilloliths set up housekeeping in the back of our mouths, the coughing will become more persistent and sometimes get to the point of being hard to control.

Sore throats are often a factor in the presence of tonsilloliths. At first, we may feel as if the tonsils are a little raw, no unlike the sensation many of us get when we attempt to drink something that is a little hot, or when we consume food with a lot of hot spices. However, the sensation usually graduates to feeling as if we are experiencing a sore throat that is similar to the way we feel when we have a cold. When this happens, we may choose to suck on a piece of peppermint or take a throat lozenge. While that may provide some temporary relief from the symptom, it does nothing to slow down the development of the tonsilloliths.

Without treatment, all these symptoms will continue to increase in severity. Along with experiencing a cough, a sore throat, and dealing with bad breath, there is one other very common symptom that may be present. This is a sense of there being something extra around the back of the mouth. This is because the presence of the tonsilloliths are adding to the mass of the tonsils. This extra mass may lessen the efficiency of swallowing, which can also be inconvenient.

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