Tonsil Stones - Tonsilloliths - How to Get Rid of Them

Tonsil stones (also sometimes referred to as tonsilloliths) are calcium salts that appear white or whitish yellow and find their way into the crevasses of the tonsils. Unfortunately these stones can cause terrible bad breath. In order to get rid of tonsil stones you need to take action as soon as you realize that a problem has arisen.

Another important reason to get rid of tonsilloliths is because they can be the cause of sore throats, although in most instances these stones are annoying but will not lead to serious health problems. The only permanent way to get rid of them is to have your tonsils surgically removed (known as a tonsillectomy); however there are plenty of other non surgical methods that are much less drastic.

One method you could try to get rid of tonsil stones is to gargle as often as possible with salt water. Make sure that the water is warm and that you gargle for a few seconds at a time. Gargling with salt water can also help you if you are suffering from a sore throat.

Another option that is similar to the above method if you wish to get rid of tonsilloliths is to gargle with a mouthwash that is a combination of salt water mixed in with some natural aromatic extracts. This mouthwash is called Alkalol.

There are methods you can employ at home to rid yourself of tonsil stones. You can use a special water pik to flush them out or you can use a swab. You can also try to use a clean finger to get rid of them but this can lead to unnecessary pain and discomfort.

If tonsil stones are a common problem for you, and/or if they cause your tonsils to become inflamed the doctor or dentist can prescribe antibiotics that will allow the tonsils to go back to their normal state. Be aware however that antibiotics cannot help with the underlying problem.

In order to get rid of tonsilloliths, you can employ a number of different methods. It all depends on what works best for your individual situation. If one method does not work then try another.

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