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"Discover How to Naturally Get Rid of Tonsil Stones Forever- GUARANTEED!"


Secret Home Remedy Treatment to Getting Rid of and Preventing

the Return of Tonsil Stones...


 From: Anna Watson



Dear Friend,


Let me introduce myself, my name is Anna and I was a Tonsil stones sufferer for over 7 years.


Today, I will show you how to NATURALLY GET RID AND PREVENT the return of tonsil stones forever. This is my guarantee.

After 7 long years of research, with the help from a combination of Medical doctors, Throat/Nose specialists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths and Chinese Herbalists.

I finally found the revolutionary secret to NATURALLY getting rid of Tonsil Stones, also called Tonsilloliths FOREVER.

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What are the Symptoms of Tonsil Stones?

For 7 years, I have suffered from these white yellowish foul smelly balls that stuck on my tonsils.

Sometimes if I don't find them on my tonsils, they would appear in my mouth and sometimes I would COUGH IT UP AS WELL.

When I first spotted these FOUL SMELLING WHITE YELLOWISH CLUMPS on the tonsils, I thought I had tonsillitis. The weird thing was, there was no pain.

I mean I had a sore throat occasionally in the mornings, but it definitely was not tonsillitis.

I went to a doctor, this was 7 years ago and they told me it looked a bit odd, however they prescribed me antibiotics, just to see how it goes.

A week later, I came back to the doctor, as Iíve FINISHED MY PACKET OF ANTIBIOTICS and the tonsil stones were still there.

So they prescribed me another pack, so I took that again. After finishing the entire pack of antibiotics again, these tonsil stones were still in my throat.

So I convinced myself it was just food stuck on my tonsils. So I tried to use my fingers, then a cotton tip and even tried using a CHOPSTICK TO PUSH out the tonsil stone (please do not try this at home). The chopstick scraped a little bit of the tonsil stone, but didnít remove it completely.

I then asked for a referral to a THROAT AND NOSE SPECIALIST. Took me a month before I got to see him as there was a huge waiting list. I bet there were heaps of other people waiting to see him with the same problem.

What did the Throat and Nose Specialist Say About Tonsil Stones?

As I sat there staring at the doctor, hoping he would finally provide me with a solution to these nasty smelly goblets in my mouth.

To my surprise, the Throat Specialist said that tonsil stones were very common.

He said that when you eat, food particle gets trapped in the tiny holes on the tonsils called Tonsil Crypts. These food particles then slowly accumulate bacteria inside the tonsil crypts, which is the reason for the foul smell.

He said a lot of people suffered from this condition, most people are unaware of it, as they would just swallow the tonsil stones unknowingly.

Only Solution Was to Remove my Tonsils

He said there were no medicine for tonsil stones. The only option to getting rid of tonsil stones was for me to get my TONSILS REMOVED BY SURGERY.

Now that was something that I did not want to do.

To make sure there was really nothing wrong, the doctor put a microscope down my nose and mouth. He was right, there was nothing wrong with me.

He said I just had to cope with them or get my tonsils removed surgically.

Now, this diagnosis was from a Throat/Nose Specialist. With his expertise in the nose and throat area, he told me there was nothing I could do. I was doomed with SMELLY BREATH FOREVER.

Tonsil Stones Are Very Common

At this point, I just had to get on with my life. If the throat and nose specialist said it was a common thing, then I guess maybe it wasnít that bad.

So I moved on...

I had a boyfriend, I was so EMBARRASSED TO EVEN KISS HIM because of my foul breath.

I was SO ASHAMED of having this condition. I hid my tonsil stones from my close friends, my family and even my partner. I couldnít tell anyone I had tonsil stones, because I was so embarrassed by it.

I carried with me mints or chewing gum everywhere I went, just to hide my smelly breath from the tonsil stones. I was constantly ASKING MYSELF WHY ME???

At that time, I HAD ENOUGH.

I knew there must be a cure to this horrible symptom of tonsil stones.

My Turning Point

I realised that I have suffered from tonsil stones for over 7 years now.

I decided to go on a mission to unravel the secret behind why so many people around the world are getting tonsil stones.

I went to seek second opinions from  2 different Natural Therapists, 1 Homeopath and 1 Chinese Herbalist.

The Natural Therapists and Homeopaths, said theyíve never seen something like it before.

But they all prescribed me with some herbs and some antiseptics drops for my tonsils.

I took my herbal medicines and tonsil drops. Nothing changed.

Revolutionary Diagnosis from Chinese Herbalist

I then went to see a Chinese Herbalist that I saw in a local newspaper article.

Just one look at my tonsil stones symptoms, he knew the exact answer to my problem.

He was THAT good. He was UNBELIEVABLE.

He told me WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING WRONG for 7 years to my body.

He gave me a revolutionary simple and clear explanation WHY some people get tonsil stones, and some people don't.

This was a GROUNDBREAKING DIAGNOSIS. Out of all the medical professionals, from Throat/Nose Specialists to Medical Doctors, to Naturopaths and Homeopaths.

Who would have thought, the secret to getting rid of tonsil stones would come from a Chinese Herbalist.

The secret to getting rid of tonsil stones FOREVER, was SO EASY you wouldn't believe.

All I had to do was change one part of my diet and that was all. After that first day, I never saw tonsil stones again.

Here are a few things my customers had to say about my book:


Hi Anna,
Thank you for your email - Yes, having downloaded your e-book, and having followed your guidelines, I have ridded these awful stones, and two months later, still no re-occurence and feel much better. Thank you so much for providing this valuable information, it truly has changed my life for the better!


Steve Wild - United Kingdom




My tonsil stones have become less since after following your guidelines.
I did purchase a water jet to clean them out.  The first time I tried this a LOT came out.  (kinda gross) Now when I do it I hardly get anything. 
I thank you so much for your advise and will keep trying to stick to your dietary guidelines. :-) Tonsil stones have been one of the most embarrassing awful things to deal with and this has helped tremendously!

Kari L. Wisconsin, United States




You were right about the cause of tonsil stones !! thank you 100,000
times I am now busy telling people who should know ,or , who never
heard of tonsil stones especially the ENT Drs.!!!

Julie O'Brian - Canada


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After 7 Long Years of Suffering, I am Completely Free of Tonsil Stones

Honestly, I feel so much gratitude I don't have tonsil stones anymore.

I feel more confident, more happier and more healthier than ever before.

I don't suffer from foul smelling bad breath, the constant feeling that something is stuck in your throat anymore.

I don't get any tonsil stones on my tonsils whatsoever.

I don't even get those foul smelling white clumps, that sometimes just appear in your mouth or when you cough it up.

My tonsil stones have totally GONE.

All due thanks to one simple thing the Chinese Herbalist told me to change in my diet.

I changed ONE thing and instantly, my tonsil stones NEVER APPEARED AGAIN.

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IMPORTANT: Please read my book before you surgically remove your tonsils

I believe our bodies need tonsils to function, so I don't believe in cutting out your tonsils as a quick fix solution to tonsil stones.

If you are thinking about removing your tonsils as a solution to tonsil stones, I sincerely hope you get yourself a copy of this book before you take this step.

Nasal Sinus Sprays and AktivOxigen tablets

You might have also seen other products on the market, such as Nasal Sinus Sprays, AktivOxigen tablets to help with tonsil stones.

These products will help neutralize the anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria on contact.

However, you will need to continuously use these Nasal Sprays and Tablets over a period of time, to maintain the neutralizing of anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria.

My solution is completely NATURAL and requires NO USE OF PRODUCTS.

It is simply a one simple change in your diet, which will get rid of tonsil stones forever.

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Want to Learn The Secret To Getting Rid Of Tonsil Stones?

It has been too long since I've kept this secret to myself.

I have spent over $'000 of dollars on research finding the secret answer to getting rid of tonsil stones.

It has taken up 7 years of my life researching for the cure to tonsil stones.

I wished that someone else could have given me the answer to tonsil stones, so that I didn't have to suffer for so long.

My solution to eliminating tonsil stones, is completely NATURAL, EASY and SIMPLE.

All you need to do, is change one thing to your diet. And you will instantly see results.

Your tonsil stones will gradually disappear, after 2 weeks, you will be completely free of tonsil stones.

Below is a snapshot of what you'll get from my course:



Tonsil Stones Secret Home Remedies

In this Tonsil Stones Home Remedy book, you will learn the following:

What are tonsil stones?

What are tonsil stones made up of?

What are the symptoms of tonsil stones?

Why do We Get Tonsil Stones?

Chinese Herbalist's Secret to Getting Rid of Tonsil stones Forever

Why do some people get tonsil stones and some people donít?

Are tonsil stones caused by postal natal drip?

Why do I usually get tonsil stones during or after a cold/flu?

Can I Catch Tonsil stones from other People?

I can smell the bad breath coming from my nose when I exhale. Why is this?

Are waterjet syringes safe to use to remove tonsil stones?

Will anti-biotics work to get rid of tonsil stones?

What is bad breath? How do I know If I got bad breath?

Why do Our Body Need Tonsils To Function?

And Much More...

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How much is your health work?

For a limited time only, you will uncover the secret to getting rid of tonsil stones forever, for a special offer of $37.00 $67.70 $97.77 only if you purchase by 15th December 2008. After this date I will be increasing the price to $67.70 for a copy of this book. This book is the all-in-one ANSWER to tonsil stones treatment available.

Its a simple home remedy to cure tonsil stones, simple yet so overly effective.

Your health will not only improve, but you will feel more confident, more relieved knowing you are finally free of tonsil stones.




Hi Anna,

Your book was very helpful and you managed to answer all of my questions. Thank you again for helping me solve my problem.



Melissa F. Georgia, United States




I just purchased and read your ebook. I find it very helpful and I finally have some answers! I have a ENT doctor, and he is not helpful. He just wants to take my tonsils out... I thought he could at least assist me in removing what is there now since I cannot see it...He has been in the field for 30 years and I have found out more on this tonsil issue that he has as a specialist. I believe I have waisted my money with him...

Anyway, thanks for sharing your info with the community...it is much needed.

Thanks for your time!

Celina, Seattle, WA




After reading your book, I have followed your guidelines and the stones are a lot better. I use a dental pick to dig the stones out of my tonsils. That has worked for me for years.

Thank you for all the info in your book.

Carolyn R. - Florida, United States



Hi Anna,
I have finally had a chance to go through the book in close detail. Its excellent, you have obviously done some thorough research and have compiled a very comprehensive information booklet. Thank you for sending me this information and I will definitely try your advice. The book has clearly been given a lot of effort and I found it very useful, as I am sure many others have.
Thanks again,"

Melania - Melbourne, VIC Australia


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If at any time in the next 60 days you should decide that How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones is not right for you then simply send me an email and I will instantly refund your purchase.


How many more years do you want to suffer Tonsil stones for?

Today, is the day to take action and say GOODBYE TONSIL STONES!

Thanks for your time,

All the best!


Anna Watson

Ex-tonsil stones sufferer

Any questions or comments please, contact me here on my email : tonsilstones@hotmail.com

Anna Watson

Phone number: 61 433 268 985

Address: PO Box 357,

Riverwood NSW 2210 Australia


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